Community Service

"The Quad" pilot. Zoe Renee as Noni Williams, 
Jazz Raycole as Sydney Fletcher, and Michelle Defraites as Madison Kelly. (Photo: Eli Ade/BET)

Throughout the academic year, there are a variety of areas that students can get involved with in the surrounding community. We encourage students to give back to both GAMU and the surrounding environment in order to instill a sense of fulfillment and engagement.

Students are highly encouraged to interact with local politics through the Moving Mountains project, which places freshman students in various political offices within the Atlanta community so that they are more civilly engaged. GAMU has also begun the Protest Proud initiative, which asks students to organize a non-violent protest each semester among the various classes. This month, GAMU launched the Voting Is a Tradition Festival, where students get the opportunity to meet the local politicians, register to vote and understand what cause may appeal to them during their time at GAMU and beyond. This happens during First Year Weekend at the beginning of the fall semester.