Dean of Students, Carlton Pettiway

"The Quad" pilot. E. Roger Mitchell as Carlton Pettiway. (Photo: Eli Ade/BET)

Carlton Pettiway is a GAMU lifer and proud of it. A proud member of Sigma Mu Kappa Fraternity, Dean Pettiway first walked on to Georgia A&M’s campus in the fall of 1968 and has been there every day there after. Dean Pettiway graduated in 1972 with a B.A. in history then achieved his Masters in Education in 1975.

Dean Pettiway first started his professional career on campus as a Professor, specializing in Post Civil War, African American History, a class which quickly became one of the most sought after courses on campus. During his time in the History Department, Dean Pettiway chaired numerous committees, the most important of which aided in the funding and building of the History Department building the resides on the east side of campus, a building that was completed in September of 1984.

In the fall of 1986, Dean Pettiway transitioned into the Athletic Department where he served as Assistant Athletic Director for five years until accepting a job as a Counselor in the Admissions office where he proudly helped GAMU students navigate their way through the universities scholastic terrain in order to achieve their academic goals.

Dean Pettiway’s job as a Counselor was a natural segue into his current position as Georgia A&M’s Dean of Students where he continues to be a selfless champion for the GAMU student body.